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i've never installed W10 before.

holy shit does it asks for A LOT of permissions.

also, glitchy spinner.

this is promising.

also fun fact, the pre-installed ubuntu on dell machines is well packaged, you have a smol video at first startup

and graphical artifacts when shutting down

if your windows 10 install medium is corrupted, instead of running an integrity check, the installer will pop out a message asking for drivers.

i'm on my 6th hour trying to install this OS.


run software using virtualbox's renderer : runs great but there is a 1-second audio latency
run software through rdp tunnel to the vm : no audio latency but software does not run


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i hate IT

thanks @zoddo for being our saviour, once again

PSA : going down for some maintenance, see you in the future

administrating is such a mess i might as well stop working in IT and just


still searching

i don't have much to say beside rants... i'm sorry people :x

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Falkon, KDE's modern web browser, has reached version 3.1! You can now write and run plugins in QML, enjoy better and more stable support for Python plugins and improved integration with KDE's Plasma desktop.

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:gnomeHey: Hello there old chum! I'm g'not a g'nelf :gnomed: I'm g'not a g'noblin :gnoblin: I'm a gnome! :gnome: And you've been GNOOOOMED :gnomed:

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Excellent exposé « Du fer à souder à la manette : une console de jeux à partir d'un microcontrolleur » de Xavier Moulet où il bâtit une console de jeu quasiment from scratch. #BreizhCamp #retroGaming #retroComputing

Là, il en est au logiciel : « il n'y a pas d'OS, donc ça boote vite »

we are up to date, yet embeds aren't showing up...

embeds are broken again, trying to update, stay still

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The consequences of bad choices made at 1 a.m.