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turns out i goofed up again with the firewall, can't even ping people T_T

oh i actually have to update mastodon

well time to work!

@zoddo is my saviour please feed him and send him blessings

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Calling all #Fediverse admins of instances in the #EU. The #CopyrightDirective is coming, we need to show the MEPs how massively the EU Internets will be affected.

We are preparing a list of all EU-based #Pleroma, #Mastodon, #GNUSocial, #Peertube, #Funkwhale, and any other instances.

Please *contact me*. All I need is the domain name, which EU Member State it's located in, and the rough topic of the instance. Approximate user count welcome, but not necessary.

Please help. This is important.

what's worse is that i make money by running servers for people

think i'll end up shutting down everything, because i'm a terrible sysadmin

i broke mastodon's embeds

fuck thissssss

if anyone could help me with iptables, it would be much appreciated T_T

fuck this shit i hate firewalls i hate rules i hate everyoneeeeeeee

PSA : security maintenance

brace yourselves

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PSA : we're having downtime on the 15th. thx iliad, much appreciated.

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PSES 2019 (fr) Afficher plus

PSES 2019 (fr) Afficher plus

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The consequences of bad choices made at 1 a.m.