why oh WHY is javascript expecting UNIX timestamps in milliseconds?????

nginx is my crush and nothing can stop our mutual love

accidentally lost my config file, used some gdb script, got the whole config back from memory reading <3

java is a wonderful platform

you get low-level issues while using a VM-based language


@zoddo Stupid™ stp.

c'est important de conserver sa ligne directrice primaire

@zoddo *pointe vers le panneau sur lequel il y a écrit "NO ZODDO CLUB"*

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@fribbledom kinda sad that he moved onto more dubstep-like sounds

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u ever notice how all the game of Thrones character names are almost like regular names:

jon = john
arya = daria
bran = brian
bronn = brian
brienne = brian
daenerys = darnice
melissandre = melissa/andre
tyrion = tyrone
ned = jed
jaime = jamie
catelyn = kathleen
cersei = sissy
jorah = jormo
sansa = santa
sandor = santa
robb = robbb
theon = the onion
joffrey = jeffley
littlefinger = laura ingrahams
gargron = garfield
samwell = sam goody
stannis = janice
jeor = eeyore
varys = daenerys


i hate opposing force why is it so hard and c r e e p y

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Some dumbass wrote the words "baby shark" on the internet and now it's playing in my head again

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i consider myself a bit of a renaissance man, in that i dont wash often and regularly get imprisoned by the church for hollering about the sun

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The gates are open. The chanting begins. Ascension is nigh, my siblings.

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