@AmauryPi the UI claims that all new meows are private by default; this isn't the case.

anyways i should probably stop my rants instead of locking myself up with no readers

turns out the "lock account" feature on mastodon does not work as intended -> my meows are still readable by everyone.

is it because i need to explicitely set permissions per meow? fuck it, i'm unlocking myself

also thanks @AmauryPi for making me notice :p

i actually don't have any plans for this instance or account.

the current ambience that reigns over the fediverse sucks, a lot.

it's either total circlejerk, or close to world war.

i'm tired of it, and other mastodon users are, too.

due to upcoming changes, i have locked this acount.

r a n t t i m e

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@alex @sydney hi there, you might want to edit the instance's info page to mention the correct domain name :)

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Good morning, this image is at the top of a New York Times article about celery juice, and it looks like a shitpost

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PSA: Bread is bad for ducks and their ecosystems! Instead, give them your credit card number, expiration date, and the three digit code on the back.

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> punishing users of a client for the dev not bending over for you censorship-happy fucks

god you're pathetic

@aeris alors, elle donne quoi cette nouvelle mouture?

my 1 month-old phone got stolen. so i've been surrounded by crazy ideas lately.

how crazy would it be to link an old phone/PDA to a raspi with a SIM card, that would allow the user to communicate on modern networks?

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The BriqueCamp / YunoCamp 2019 will happen in Paris from August 10th to 16th ! 😋

We would be glad to meet you if you wish to discuss or learn or contribute to the Internet Cube or #YunoHost project (we desperately need people willing to work on "not-code" stuff like communication, UX tests, design, ... :blobcatcoffee:) ... Or working on another Internet decentralization project is fine too! :thinkerguns:

Please contact us if you plan to attend and need an accomodation!


@mowdoo j'avais pensé faire un système comme ça pour un projet actuellement en standby

so... mastodon breaks compatibility on minor versions ?

what the f*ck.

psa : instance is now up-to-date (v2.9.2)

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@mowdoo pour les images j'ai aussi le problème sur desktop, no idea why

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