due to upcoming changes, i have locked this acount.

r a n t t i m e

i actually don't have any plans for this instance or account.

the current ambience that reigns over the fediverse sucks, a lot.

it's either total circlejerk, or close to world war.

i'm tired of it, and other mastodon users are, too.


turns out the "lock account" feature on mastodon does not work as intended -> my meows are still readable by everyone.

is it because i need to explicitely set permissions per meow? fuck it, i'm unlocking myself

also thanks @AmauryPi for making me notice :p

@r0 you're welcome

Locking your account only prevent new followers without approval, but old public meows are still visible, and you can always post public or private regardless of the account locking status

@AmauryPi the UI claims that all new meows are private by default; this isn't the case.

anyways i should probably stop my rants instead of locking myself up with no readers

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