fuck traps

they give me sysadmin tasks

also hi @mowdoo

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That feeling when you are a pot with some goddamn feet

another discord downtime in the wall...

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This of course, depends on a number of variables, chiefly:
-The weight of each egg
-The distance each egg falls from
-The efficiency of transducing kinetic energy to electricity

So assuming a 60 gram egg (that's large but not unrealistic),
and assuming a 10 meter drop (also large but not unrealistic),
and assuming 100% transduction efficiency (totally unrealistic),

each egg would have a velocity of ~14m/s and have a kinetic energy of 0.001633333 watt/hours.

So if you had 1,000,000 eggs each day, you would have 1.633 kw/h of electricity, which would be the same as a 1000 watt solar panel would produce in ~100 minutes.

Eggsellent question!

#Eggs #EggPunk
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fuck solar panels. you could grow food on the roof, food for the chickens, and then theyd lay eggs and the eggs would roll down a ramp & spin wheels connected to the generator. fuck solar punk!!!! this is Egg Punk

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how many chickens would you need if you wanted to power your home solely through the kinetic energy of rolling eggs

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Isabelle from Animal Crossing is perfect and adorable and if you are mean to her: why

android is the windows of mobile operating systems

using precious GBs to store unknown data, have to reinstall it every few months for it to be healthy...

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« C'est bien ici la cantine dont tout le monde parle ? »

people : what are your backup strategies?

am curious

just noticed i didn't kill the older domain...

people, can you still hear me?

hello, strangers from other instances, can you hear me?

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Tiens, sur la BO du Vampires de Carpenter, il y a Steve Cropper à la guitare et Donald "Duck" Dunn à la basse (grands musicien qui ont nota notamment joués chez Stax pour Booker T & The M.G.'s et qui furent aussi des membres des Blues Brothers)


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